Nail Beautification – How To Do Up Your Nails

Flashy talons covered with nail art can complete festive look. Green,Guest Posting red, white and lots of glitter is what will make you glitter through party days. Play with colours and let the girl in you bring out the ‘creativity, showing off your femininity by wearing nail art on your nails. You don’t need long talons to carry the nail art. Nail art can be applied to both natural nails and nail enhancements, short or long. Show off your artistically painted nails, covered with glitter and shimmer; making everyone dazzle with your diamond encrusted nails.

To get into the festive mood you need not go with loud colours, glitter or rhinestones. You can develop your own ideas and themes. You have the choice to stick to floral, line art, geometrics, art scenes, using dried flowers and setting rhinestone on to your nail paint. It is entirely up to you if you want to add a bit of colour or go wild? If you are a flower lover then let the fabulous floral designs create your own personalised garden! The great thing about nail art is that you can choose any design and let your imagination be the limit. All that matters in nail art is lots of practice and patience. So, pick up your brush and start painting now for the big day.

You even have the choice to match the colour, the print of your outfit, or have the same nail theme in different colours – choice is entirely yours! You have the choice of using water colours as nail paint; just remember sealing them with a top coat for that glossy finished look. A perfect way of matching the nail shades with your outfit when the nail polish colour is not available. Mix the correct colour to match your outfit and let your artistic abilities shine by painting the same pattern.

The best of nail colours can be put to shame if the shape and nail plate is not in good condition. The nail polish will fail to give the desired smooth shiny result if the nails are not well kept. In short, the ‘canvas’ that you are going to paint on must be smooth and well shaped. Smoothness can be easily achieved with a leather buffer used on the nail, point to remember here is that the buffing strokes must be done towards the free edge – i.e. in the direction of the nail growth. Never use steel files or nail cutters to cut nails as they can damage the nail plates resulting in shattering and causing grooves.

Always use a generous helping of cuticle cream to remove the dead skin and hang nails around your cuticles. Use an orange stick covered with wool to push the skin back to give that extra protection.


A well-prepared clean and clear nail is what you need to start with. Two things that you need to really keep in mind before you start is a good manicure and your choice and quality of nail colour really matters. You have the host of nail paints to choose from, from neutrals and bright to shimmers and glitters. The selection of your paint should be seductive, loud colours that should suit the shortest of nails as well. The top coat, being the final coat, must leave a highly glossy finished look.

Colours to paint nails:

There are no special paints, just ordinary poster colours that are used in decorating the nails. Use a stripper brush to make straight or curved lines. A dotting tool or a tooth pick to lay those intricate designs on the nails. Make sure you start painting only when the coats of nail polish are fully dried and there is a base coat underneath to protect your nail plate. Once you have created the design of your choice, allow it to dry and always seal the design with the sealant coat. You could incorporate the designs with dried flowers, rhinestones, bindis, etc.

How to use dried flowers:

Manicure the nails, make sure you get rid off the creams and oils stuck on your nails for best sticking results.

Apply a blob of sealing coat to the area you want to place the flower, pick up the flower with the tweezers and gently press on to where you have put the blob of sealing coat and hold in place.

Wait for it to dry. Apply any additional dots with the dotting tool or a tooth pick. Use a stripper brush for those long strokes of paint. Apply a thin top coat to seal the design and dry it well.

Use bindis as nail stickers:

Clean the surface of the nail to remove all traces of dirt and oil. Choose the design and size that you wish to use, also whether you want to use it on painted or plain nails. With the help of tweezers lift the bindi and place it on the nail, press it firmly anchoring it with a sealing coat. Apply two coats to seal the bindi in firmly and repeat the process on all the rest of the fingers.

You can mix and match dots or lines to create a pattern around the bindis or even sprinkle some fine glitter on wet sealing coat.

For those dazzling nails:

Paint your nails with subdued or flashy¬†ambiance beauty bar colours or you have the choice to leave them natural. If you wish to go with the classic look then pale colour is your best bet. Cover the entire nail with a top coat, use tweezers or the moistened orange stick to pick and place the rhinestone on the wet coat of nail enamel or top coat. Let it dry and finish with another sealing coat. Here, I must add that rhinestones combined with French manicured nails look absolutely smashing, especially for ladies who go for the classic looks. If you don’t wish to have sparkish talons then this is the best option for you.

Now, that I have made clear the fundamentals of nail art and know-how for you to master the skill, it’s time for you to showcase your designs to the world.

I am sure with ‘step by step’ you now have the ability to make exceptional designs. You are ready to create some charming, splendid piece of nail art for yourself and your friends. Make a masterpiece on your finger nails by creating unique designs and make nail art big news!